Endor is a major continent located in the old world of Tane.


Endor is a bowl-shaped continent with a wide variety of climates, from the verdant forests and mountains of Vale and Ljosal to the deserts and scrublands of Ismara and Mirva.


Eastern Endor is home to a variety of temperate ecosystems, including the verdant forests of Vale and the fertile plains of Lyonesse. Eastern Endor is also home to two major mountain ranges: The Gwynedd and Pirineus Mountains.

Eastern Endor is home to Human kingdoms with significant Fera populations. Lyonesse also boasts a significant population of Plains elves, while the Wood elf nation of Ljosal is located north of Vale and Mistral. The Gwynedd and Pirineus Mountains are home to powerful Dwarven kingdoms.

This area includes:


Central Endor is also known by the name given by the Tiber Empire: Saevarus (savage lands in Ancient Tiber).

Central Endor is home to numerous Human and Orc kingdoms, the most notable being the human kingdom of Ilion and the Orc nation of Moksa. The area is also known for being the homeland of the Ogres, Endor Giants, Endor Centaurs and the Gnomes.

This area includes:


Western Endor is home to a variety of ecosystems. Northwestern Europa is home to verdant forests similar to those in the East. However, further south is home to savanna and scrub which eventually gives way to the Asel Desert. The lands surrounding the Meriden Sea are home to semi-tropical climates and hilly plains.

Western Endor was the birthplace of the old Tiber Empire. Before it's rise, this area was home to the cat-like nomadic Doura and the lizard-like Tola. Today, the region is home to numerous human kingdoms with highly diverse populations.

This area contains: